La Magione's History

Pedone’s Family hospitality led to the renovation of that little jewel that has become La Magione.

Everything that could be recovered has been preserved in the respect of tradition, returning to the ancient beauty. La Magione was built in the fifteenth century as a part of the family’s extensive estate, dedicated as shelter’s workers involved in sowing and breeding, directed by the historic farm called now Tenimento San Giuseppe.

The workforce who lived there was numerous and divided hierarchically: on the upper floors, where today rise 4 of the 12 rooms, stayed the “curatolo” and the “assistant curatolo”, heads of the administrative team of the possessions. To follow, there were the “massaro” and the “assistant massaro”, the “casone” and the “guardian casone”. Great was the circle that made up the management of the employees’plethora of the village , which instead stayed on the ground floor, where today rise the other 8 rooms of the ancient property.

The most exclusive and new location within Tenimento San Giuseppe, La Magione was born from the recovery of the hold owner’s residence, charatterized by a magnificient double staircase in the middle of the square.

With its stone white walls, surrounded by a beautiful garden with oaks and olive trees and a lush pool, La Magione is the ideal place to organize an holiday in the countryside.